Outdoor Storage

Whether you are trying to clear out space in your basement or garage, or your trying to please a loved one, outdoor storage options are a great way to go for all your outdoor tools. You don’t need to have a lot of space or build a large shed, there are a number of options to choose from.  Everything from a small storage box that doubles as a bench to a storage locker you can build in a weekend. Of course sheds are still an option if you need that much space and have room in your yard. If you do go that direction you don’t have to go with the sheds of old. There are so many inspirational ideas out there the options are endless. Creating outdoor storage is something you can do yourself, it can be aesthetically pleasing and it can free up some space indoors.

DIY Storage Bench/Box

The deck was always a mess. It rains here almost every day and I would have to grab the cushions off the chairs and lean them against the overhang so they wouldn’t get wet. Cushions and pillows were everywhere. This was not working. I shopped around trying to find an affordable and stylish storage box and was aghast at the prices! Ridiculous! It was time to make my own. It was pretty easy and turned out just as I planned. I’m excited today to be partnering with 3MDIY.com  as one of their 3MDIY Experts and share my instructions on how to make your own DIY Outdoor Storage Box & Bench!

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16 Homemade Shed to Fill your Storage Needs

Everyone needs a place for their stuff, and sometimes the garage just won’t accommodate it all. A backyard shed can help alleviate the space crunch. Pre-made sheds are available for purchase, but if you have some time, and the will to DIY, there are a multitude of kits, plans and designs available to make building an outdoor shed a viable option. Whether you need a garden shed, tool shed, wood shed, or general storage shed, you can certainly build a DIY shed that serves your needs.

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Outdoor Storage Locker

Assemble this easy-to-build storage locker for your outdoor tools. It’s low and compact, yet spacious enough hold your lawnmower, long-handled tools and all your gardening materials.


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