Think Outside the Box with Bathroom Design

Why be traditional when renovating your bathroom. Thinking outside the box can not only give you a uniquely designed space that your guests will marvel at, it can also bring in functional elements that can make your life easier. For example shelving built into the wall. If you are working with a small space, getting creative with design is even more important. Paying attention to color, lighting and placement of sinks and toilets can make all the difference in making the room functional and enjoyable. Take a look at all the fantastic ideas that are highlighted below to spark your creativity. Pick a color pallet that makes you feel happy to wake up and get ready in the morning or that relaxes you after a long hard day. Choose which functional elements you need and how you want them placed around the room. Each decision can leave you with a bathroom that is outside the box.

After waking in the morning most of us head straight to the bathroom. Color combinations are an important consideration when exploring a creative bathroom idea, as they help set the mood in the bathroom. If you have a small bathroom, a large mirror can help expand the space by reflecting light and creating an optical illusion of spaciousness.

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