Planning Your Dumpster Rental

Often times, when people are looking for a commercial dumpster for the first time, they have questions. It doesn’t take long to track down a place to rent dumpsters, but how do you know what you need? You might have any number of kinds of projects in mind: a construction job, a site cleanup, a renovation on your own home. Or maybe you’re doing yard work. But no matter what kind of project you have, there are jut a few basic things to consider when getting a dumpster.

The biggest consideration is any laws or ordinances in your local community. A Charlotte dumpster rental might be very different from a dumpster rental somewhere else, for example. Different townships and cities have different rules about what can be thrown away and how. For example, if you are trying to dispose of electronics, you might run into a problem – many computers and other devices contain mercury, which is a toxin and is strictly regulated.

Other hazardous materials you might not expect include old tires and cans of paint. A mistake many people make is to try to hide this kind of information from the dumpster rental company, but be honest when talking with them. They can tell you what laws and regulations are in effect and if there is anything special you need to do with your waste. This will help you avoid fines and fees from your local government.

Some municipalities also require a permit to rent a dumpster or bring it to the work site. Usually, this is not your concern – the dumpster company can handle the permit (if any) and the cost is rolled into what they charge you. However, some areas require the renter to handle the permit. If this is the case, the dumpster company can tell you the specifics and help you get what you need to rent the dumpster legally. After all, it’s in their best interest to do so.

Last, consider what size dumpster you need to rent. A roll off dumpster starts at a size of 10 yards and can go up to 40 yards. Even 10 yards may sound like a lot, but don’t underestimate what you need. You will save a lot more money by renting a slightly larger dumpster than you will if you end up having to rent two!

A little bit of planning at the beginning of a project saves a lot of time later. Take a few minutes to plan your dumpster rental and you’ll be set!

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