Pop Decor: 5 Best Accent Colors for 2015

Our Take

The winter weather has you stuck inside day, after day, after day. Being inside so much forces you to really take a look at your home decor. If you have noticed that it is more boring then you remember, you might want to consider making some changes. You certainly have the time right now, so it makes it the perfect time to take on a project inside your home.

Most likely your home doesn’t need a full transformation. Adding some accents around the house can quickly add interest without a lot of effort or money. Pull in some color with an accent wall, a bright pillow or even an interesting piece of furniture in a dynamic color. Once you decide where the change should be made, you need to choose a color pallet. The article below takes you through the accent color trends for 2015. Some of them may not be your style, don’t force yourself into using them, but they also might help you think out of the box a little as far as your home style. This bright color pallet will certainly help pull you out of the winter blues. Take a look and be inspired to add some accents to your home.

Pop decor is not to be confused with pop art decor. We’re not talking about Andy Warhol and his Campbell’s Soup cans, but we are talking about delicious color. And hey, if green scares you, there’s always the option of trickling this color into your decor by adding house plants first Hot Pink Pink decor is always a surprise, especially when it’s hot pink.

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