Professor Will Live in a Dumpster for a Year

Do we really need to live in big houses and use the quantity of resources that we do every day? One professor in Texas is setting out to prove that we don’t. Dr Jeff Wilson believes that we can live off of 1% of the resources that we currently consume. So each person would only use 1% of the water they do now, 1% of the electricity they do now and live in a much smaller home. How does he plan to prove this? By living in a dumpster for 1 year.

He has chosen a dumpster that is only 36 sqft.  His students are in the process of making it a livable space, but will he be able to make it a year? Even the professor is not sure about that. He is going to give it the college try though. The dumpster has been placed in an area that will be viewable by all. So no cheating here. His biggest concerns are weather and food, but when you are taking on this type of journey you never know the problems that you will run into. He is setting out to change what the American Dream really means.

Hear from the professor himself and learn more about living in a dumpster for a year. Could you do it? The real question is, could you live on 1% of the resources that you do know. That might be something easier for everyone to give a try.

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