Reaping the physical and psychological benefits of gardening

Our Take

Just imagine coming home and seeing those beautiful flowers you planted in full bloom or walking out to your garden and grabbing fresh vegetables for dinner. Enjoying the fruits of your labor puts you in a very happy place. But that isn’t the only benefit that gardening can bring to your life. Gardening provides a plethora of physical and psychological benefits. They start in the winter, when you can’t wait for the cold and snow to end. Imagining your spring garden gives you something to look forward to. Throughout the spring and summer your garden provides you with a place to forget all of your worries, exercise your muscles, and get away from technology and every day distractions. The article below takes you through all the benefits that gardening can bring to your life. You don’t have to take on more then you think you can. Start small and see what fits into your life and of course your yard.  Gardening has long been a tool to calm people, bring piece to their minds and fresh air to their lungs. It is a tried and true workout for your mind, body and soul that you get to enjoy in so many different ways. Get started this weekend so you have even longer to enjoy your hard work.

Picture this: You’re on your smartphone, checking the weather. You start to post a response when you’re interrupted by a phone call from your mother-in-law who slipped on her icy driveway. You’ve got the double whammy of winter fatigue and attention fatigue. It’s called gardening. Before the words psychology and therapy entered our vocabulary, people have tended plants for their own well-being.

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