Reclaiming Urban Areas One Dumpster at a Time

As architects consider their options on how to add more usable and possibly communal space to urban areas, they turn to the streets. It has been evident on Twitter that a new idea is being developed involving dumpsters and an inflatable enclosed shell. The possibilities of what these new dumpster enclosures could be used for is endless. One tweet suggested that they may be used as portable classrooms.

This community classroom could be an easy learning center for residents to gather and learn. Have you ever walked into a dumpster. There is a ton of space for gathering.

The Inflato Dumpster, as it would be called, is the brain child of the Department of Urban Development and architect John H. Locke. They are currently raising money on Kickstater to make this dream and reality.

The tent-like part of the structure is made of a cheap, biodegradable mylar. The space would be 8 feet wide by 23 feet long and have a roomy 25 foot ceiling to give an airy feel, and encourage people to come together, share ideas and learn.

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