Recycling: Rethink How and What you Reuse

We all, or at least most of us, recycle the everyday, easy items. Waste like cans, bottles  and paper are easy to throw in a bin and you don’t have to question whether or not they are recyclable. What if you take a minute to think about all the items you could be recycling but don’t. Many of them are harder to recycle, like electronics. You have to find a specific recycling center that will accept them. There are other items though that are just as easy to recycle as soda cans, that you probably don’t. For example shampoo bottles and used napkins. They most likely end up in the trash in your home. It may be time to start rethinking recycling in your home. Not only the items that you do recycle, but also the way you do it. One article below talks about a superintendent that has taken recycling to a whole new level in his building and turned it into more of a community exchange. The result is a lot less waste. Think about your system at home and how you can make it easier. Also take a minute to re-look at what you are throwing in the trash. There is a cute infographic below to help get your kids interested as well. Just in case you were wondering how and when recycling started, you can get a quick education from the last article on what made us start pulling certain items out of the trash to begin with. Build on the history or recycling. Set a goal over the next couple of weeks to reduce the amount you throw out and increase the amount you recycle. This is a great place to start.

11 Surprising Things You Should Never Throw into the Recycle Bin

While it is common sense to toss empty water bottles into the recycle bin, most people do not know that it is also important to remove the plastic bottle cap before recycling. Many paper products are also surprisingly not considered recyclable, as brightly colored paper release dye that contaminate the entire paper recycling process, and shredded paper has paper fiber that is considered too short for recycling.

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Manhattan Superintendent Takes Recycling To A Whole New Level

Garreth O’Connor started an elaborate recycling center at his Kips Bay co-op building. “Where I came from in Ireland we never had as much garbage as what I’ve seen when I moved to America,” said O’Connor, who has created a backyard recycling center so attractive and well-designed that residents are drawn to it.

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Recycle Us Too!

Will our heroes make it or will they wind up in a landfill near you. Content provided by the Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies 0 0 0 The content above was provided by the the Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies and is not subject to MNN Editorial Review. MNN is not responsible for the accuracy, objectivity or balance of this content.

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A Brief History Of Household Recycling

The celebration of the first Earth Day brings awareness to a variety of environmental issues, including trash disposal and the need for recycling and reuse. Gary Anderson, a senior at the University of Southern California, wins a design competition sponsored by the Container Corporation of America for an emblem to put on their recycled cardboard products.

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