How to Remove Kitchen Appliances and Renting a Construction Dumpster

Depending on your base of knowledge, physical ability and the size of the renovation, deciding to tackle a kitchen renovation without contractors is more possible than you think. By bringing on a friend or two and equipping yourself with the right tools and knowledge, you can save money and keep strangers from moving into part of your home.

One of the seemingly trickier tasks in kitchen renovation can be the removal of appliances; either to replace with new ones or upgrade the cabinets and fixtures surrounding the current ones. Here are some important tools and gear to have on hand before starting this portion of the project. You will want an appliance dolly to safely move large, heavy appliances such as Ovens and Refrigerators. This will keep the appliance, the floor and your back in the best condition. Masking tape is a great way to quickly label items as you disassemble them. When you are at the other end of the project and putting things back in place, those labels will be life savers. Plus masking tape doesn’t leave residue on building materials or appliances.

In all renovation projects, you will end up with a large amount of waste materials that you will need to dispose of. In the case of a Kitchen Renovation, you will probably end up with items that can’t be left out on the curb for regular pickup. Construction dumpsters are a great idea for managing all the waste from your project, and although the name can be deceiving, anyone can rent construction dumpsters. Local dumpster companies most commonly have Roll Off dumpsters (the most common of Construction dumpsters) in varying sizes available to rent to individuals. They allow you to fill at your own pace keeping your work site and home cleaner and easier to live in mid-project.

Depending on what appliances you are removing, there are other various hand tools to have nearby. If you are removing your sink and garbage disposal you will want a pair of channel lock pliers, pry bars, a hammer and a utility knife. Some scrap 2×4 may come in handy as well. If taking apart cabinets, find the correct screwdrivers to safely take out hardware and store it in a safe place. You may find a reciprocating saw useful if you are cutting apart large counter tops that are being disposed of.

Most importantly, turn off power, gas or water to any items that will be disconnected or unhooked from utility lines. If you are removing a gas stove make sure gas line valves are securely closed. The same thing applies with the water line to the sink faucet or Ice Making machine in your modern refrigerator. Take the time to do the research, get the right tools and safety gear, and then follow the steps in the correct order. You will find out how easy replacing large kitchen appliances really can be!

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