Reviewing Your Dumpster Rental Florida Options

Rehabilitating an entire old house is a huge job, and one that will definitely require you to think about your waste management options. There are tons of dumpster rental Florida options for you to choose from, but going in with a little insider knowledge will help to save you some money and ensure that you end up working with a rental agency that will not scorn you in the end.

You must also take the proper steps to acquire the permits needed for a large renovation, including ones for that big orange container that will be sitting in front of the house.

Dumpsters, or containers as they are frequently called in the rental industry, are measured in cubic yards, with four sizes typically comprising your options. Starting with 10 yards and increasing in increments of ten all the way to 40, each measurement is fitted for different types of jobs. Taking out a single wall or re-doing a bathroom will probably only require a ten yard container, but an entire house will definitely mean you will need a 30 or 40 yard unit to have enough space for all the waste. If you are on the fence between two sizes, always go with the bigger dumpster.

Always be cognizant of your town’s zoning laws before renting a container or starting any sort of renovation. You can be heavily fined for failing to get the right permits before starting work, and even after you have, an inspector will probably show up to shut down your project and levy even more sizable fines.

A rental agency will usually know what kind of paperwork you will have to fill out in order to keep the project legal, and your city’s parking authority will be able to issue the permits necessary for keeping a dumpster on the street for the duration of the job.

After you have gotten the needed permits, be sure to compare a couple different rental companies to get a reasonable price. Because you will most likely be making a deposit and signing a contract, read everything carefully and understand how you will be charged while the container is in your care.

Less reputable rental agencies may try to swindle you out of additional money by claiming you were late on your return or caused damage to the dumpster. Read a good amount of online business reviews so you do not end up locked in a contract with that kind of provider.

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