Roundup: Home Decor Trends 2014

There are so many changes that come with a new year; you get to start over, have a clean slate, erase the past, do things differently. So what if you could do that with your home? Just imagine that your house is a canvas and you can do whatever you like with it. Sounds great! But the only problem is that you have no idea what “people are doing” with their decor these days; last time you switched things up, it came in the form of a shag carpet. So what do you do? Below is a list of five articles that will tell you what’s hot for your home in 2014, as told by home decor and design experts. From color palettes and wall art to furniture and even blankets, 2014 is bursting with new ideas that you are going to love.

What We Want in Our Homes: 2014

Check out our favorite home decor trends for 2014, and shop the products that bring the looks home.

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Bedroom design trends for 2014

This is the year of the neutral palette, so this year’s trends allow you to add your own style while creating a comfortable space for you to relax in. Tans, creams and grays will also make appearances in 2014.


Trend Report: Bathrooms

We asked the experts what’s new in bathroom design and where they think this essential space is headed.

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2014 Kitchen Design Trends

If you’re sick of the same stark kitchens and stainless steel scattered throughout, 2014 is the year to give the hub of your home some character.

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Exterior paint trends for 2014

Spruce up the outside of your home with these 2014 exterior paint trends. From the trim to the door, we’ve got the hottest trends for your new year.


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