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When it comes time to put new kitchen cabinets in your home, most people will head to a home improvement  or cabinet store. Shouldn’t your kitchen reflect your personal style and not just be generic? The article below highlights one unique idea that might be a little more work, but will be worth it in the end. Salvage old items to build your new cabinets. There are so many materials you could use, the options are endless. Use old crates as your drawers and build a frame around it. Or go a little more traditional by finding old mismatched cabinet faces and then cover them with a new material. If you don’t feel like refacing them, just leave them as they are and have eclectic mismatched doors.

There are a number of reasons that you might want to consider creating a kitchen from salvage items instead of buying new. First, it could save you a bunch of money, which is always a plus during home renovations. Second, it will give you a unique style that is unlike anyone else. Step outside the box and be one of a kind. It is more fun. Third, it is great for the environment to reuse old items.  Sometimes finding the old items is a bit of a search looking through websites like Craigslist and seeing what people put out by the curb. However, some areas have markets that you can find these salvage items at. See what your neighborhood has to offer and get creative.

Reworking materials is never easy, especially when it comes to salvage kitchen cabinets. Sometimes vintage pieces will fit and other times they must be altered. Two great examples of salvage kitchen cabinets were designed and built by the California architectural firm of Studio Carver and the former Carver + Schickentanz.

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