Six Reasons to Involve Your Kids in Organizing and Decluttering Projects

Our Take

Most people live a cluttered life. Their inbox is full of junk email, their house is full of stuff, and they keep half of their life in their car. When you have kids, the clutter seems to grow exponentially. One statistics that proves this is US consumers by 40% of the world’s toys but only bear 3% of the children. We buy a lot of stuff for our kids causing our houses to be more cluttered. Doesn’t it make sense then, that your kids should help to declutter and organize so you can all live a less stressful life. There are a number of reasons why you should get your kids involved in the cleaning and organizing of your home. The article below makes an argument for six of them. To start with it will obviously teach them good habits that they will carry with them as they get older and become independent. It can also motivate them to keep their bedroom and personal space clean even when they aren’t asked to do so. Getting all of your kid’s toys and personal belonging together can help remind them of fun things they might have forgotten about as well. It will be like giving them a whole new toy, without having to purchase anything else or add to the clutter. If it’s too hot to be outside this weekend, why not give it a try. Set aside some time to start decluttering your home with you kids. You will all feel better by Monday.

Declan’s Treasures of Travel Bedroom Pin it When it comes to young children helping around the house, it’s often tempting to put the word in quotes. However, their intense interest in what their parents and/or caregivers are doing and their simple enthusiasm to join in offer a chance for us to help give them some fundamental principles that will stick with them for good.

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