Sneaky Storage Ideas

Whether you live in a large house or a small apartment, there never seems to be enough storage. All hope is not lost, you just need to get creative. Seating and tables that also work as storage, turning empty wall space into useable storage space and buying antique pieces that can keep your clutter behind closed doors are just a few of the ideas that are highlighted below. They key is finding what ideas work into your current space. You also need to think about the items that need to be stored. Don’t spend time on new storage that you are going to have to shove your items into. Find the right size shelving to hold all of your items. Before spending money you should also take a look around your home to see what can be used or transformed into a storage piece. You might be surprised what you find and it can save you money in the long run. As always spend some time getting rid of the items and clothing you don’t need before you spend the time and the money to store them around your home.

Hopefully the ideas below will be ones you have never thought about before and help you see storage in a new light.

Transform Your Empty Walls Into Storage Space

Your square footage is set in stone, but if your space feels stuffed with stuff, there’s one     way you can look to find more space: upward. Your walls are a blank slate that are ready to  hold the things you just can’t figure out quite where to put. Whether it’s your shoe collection or your baby blankets, there’s room to spare. Photo by Esther Sun via Style Me Pretty.

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16 Sneaky Storage Ideas

Use Every Inch. Finding extra storage in the space you already have often involves some creativity, as in stretching a bookcase over the doorway. Use heavy duty anchors to help hold the load.

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35 Ways to Sneak Storage into Your Home

Let clutter be a thing of the past! Here’s how to find extra storage space in every room of the house. To convert this armoire into a kitchen pantry, the owner of this Minneapolis loft added extra shelves and magnetic door closures.

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