Summer DIY Bucket List

Have you thought about what projects are going to be on your DIY bucket list this summer? If you haven’t yet, then now is the time. Sure, you might already love your house and you don’t think it needs anything else, but think about what would take it up to the next level. You may have a grill, but why not upgrade it to the gorgeous outdoor kitchen that you have always wanted. Or build a fire pit that you can create family memories around. The nights you spend by the fire will feel like vacation without leaving home. As one of the articles below shows you, you can make a fire pit out of almost anything. If you don’t want to tackle anything too big, the third article below is full of fun ideas that your whole family will enjoy and they can be done in a weekend. You need to have time to relax in the summer but putting together a list of DIY can make that relaxing even more fun.

10 Favorites Ultimate Outdoor Kitchens

 There is something wonderfully irreverent about carrying out one of life’s      daily activities without a roof over your head; from rustic to modern, here are ten favorite outdoor kitchens where we would like to spend our summers cooking.

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38 East and Fun DIY Fire Pit Ideas

Summer is a great time for outdoor entertaining with friends and family. I love to invite my friends over and gather around the yard patio fire pit to roast marshmallows, sip on a few beers and enjoy the nighttime sky. Backyard fire pits are a great way to make outdoor space intimate and inviting. There are a lot of fire pits you can buy from store, but I suggest you build one yourself. Here is a bunch of DIY fire pit ideas that we gathered in one place to help you find a proper inspiration. Enjoy!

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23 East Summer Weekend Projects

What’s the use of balmy weather and long summer days if you can’t hang out in your yard and have some fun? But if there’s nowhere good to sit and nothing fun to do at your house, don’t fret. These 28 projects, culled from the TOH archives of great weekend upgrades, will enhance your yard, beautify your exterior, and give everyone in the family something exciting to do. Pick and choose the ones that are right for your home, and soon you’ll have the most attractive and entertaining yard on the block

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