Summer Home Conversions to Inspire Updates in Your Home

Summer is a season of relaxing, enjoying the sun and just having fun. But summer is also a great time to tackle some home transformations that may add value or space to your home or that may just make your house a more fun place to be. If you love to entertain at home, but don’t like the space you have to do it in, try converting your backyard with some of the cheap ideas below. Or you can really go all out and build an outdoor bar. Have a porch you don’t use? Convert it into an outdoor entertaining area. The ideas below are beautiful and diverse, providing inspiration for a bar that suites your style and budget. Maybe your issue with your house is space. A garage that is not used to park cars in can be converted into any number of spaces. A child’s play room, a small apartment or an extra living room are just a few of the transformations that garages have taken on. You don’t need to have a huge budget to take on a transformation around your home this summer. Look forward to spending more time at home, no matter the season, with the work you do over the next couple of months.

10 Dramatic Garage Transformation to Inspire and Amuse

Garages, they’re not just for cars anymore! People in need of more living space are getting very creative these days. Many are nervous now, not wanting to invest in the real estate market at this time for a myriad of reasons. But what does one do when one has simply outgrown their living space? Perhaps there are now children where there once were none. Or perhaps the family is growing in a different way, active teenagers need a place to get away, or, as is happening more and more these days, grandparents are moving in, changing the face and description of the modern family.

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10 Outdoor Home Bars for a Fun Summer

You don’t have to go out to enjoy that drink al fresco: Creating an at-home bar for yourself, your friends and family transforms your abode—whether it be by the sea, in the city, the ‘burbs or by a quiet lakefront—into the place to be this summer. The best part? You don’t have to worry about driving home!

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15 Cheap Backyard Ideas

For a high-end backyard look without high-end expense, try this interesting technique: Espalier a tree. It’s easier to create a living fence than it looks, and it can be used to add visual interest and texture to a blank wall.

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