The 1 Hour Thanksgiving Day Cleaning Plan

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You have been spending your time getting ready for the big Thanksgiving feast by prepping all the food, but what about your home. If you have guests coming your way, you need to leave some time to get the house clean. Luckily, if you get the whole family involved you can do it in an hour or less.  Start with your youngest kids. They can go around the house and pick up all the items that aren’t were they belong. Just give them a basket or bag to put everything in. Slightly older kids can make space in the closet for your guests coats. Yes, that means you can’t just hide things in the closet. Put Tweens in charge of the garbage. They can clear out the garbage cans around the house before guests arrive, then continue to check them throughout the day. Teens can take the glorious job of spot cleaning all of the bathrooms and checking them for toilet paper throughout the day. Collage aged kids can tackle the dishes and your spouse can tackle anything mentioned that wasn’t covered by one of your children. You can take a few minute break from cooking and just relax. If you don’t have a lot of kids, just spread the work out and leave a little more time to get it done. You might also have to skip that much needed break!

Hosting a large group of people for Thanksgiving can be stressful. The days leading up to the meal are focused on prepping as much food as possible in advance, which means you’ll probably be running around at the last minute to make sure your home is in order. To make things a little bit easier, here are a few last-minute cleanup chores for the whole family. Take a break one hour before guests arrive to have everyone help tidy up.

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