The 6 Worst Home Fixes for your Money

If you are in your forever home and do not have plans to sell in the next 5 years you don’t need to worry about the following, however if moving is an option in the near future you need to think about the money you put into your home.  Some projects are necessities and some are luxuries. Consider how much return you are going to get on your home projects before you set a budget and begin. A luxurious master suite could be a wonderful treat, but are you going to get the money back that you spend on it? Below are the 6 worst projects for the return you will get on them. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do them if you have your heart set on it, just have realistic expectations before you being. Don’t overspend if you are never going to see that money again.

t’s the magic phrase uttered by almost anyone who has ever considered the cost of home remodeling: “We’ll get it back when we sell.” Unless you keep those projects practical, though, you might be kidding yourself.

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