The Do’s and Don’t of Home Decor When you Have Pets

Our Take

When you have a pet you know the joy and happiness he/she can bring to your life. The unconditional love, smiles when you walk in the door and the cuddling while watching TV. These benefits and more all make pet ownership like nothing else. But with all the joy and love comes hair, slobber, dirty paws, and claws tearing up rugs and couches. These negatives definitely don’t out weigh the positives, but they can make an impact on your home decor. You need to take your pets into consideration when you are picking out rugs, couches and other home decor items. For example, choose furniture fabrics that can withstand heavy use and that don’t stain easily. You never know what might be on your pets paws when they come in the house. Some fabrics, like velvet, are also more prone to collecting all the hair that your pet is shedding. It is smart to stay away from this on your couches so that you don’t find yourself constantly vacuuming them. When it comes to flooring you want to stay away from flooring that can scratch up when their claws run across it or carpeting that will snag when their claws get stuck in it. Light carpeting can also be a problem if pets are running across it often. If you have had problems in the past with your pet and home decor clashing, you may want to consider making some changes. Or if you are planning on getting a new pet for the first time, take a look around your home and see if you should make some changes before the little fury friend comes home with you.

Your new puppy might be so adorable that he has thousands of followers on Instagram. But how cute is he when he sheds all over your couch? What about when your cat scratches your favorite armchair? Don’t worry-having a pet and having a beautiful home are not mutually exclusive. But remember that accidents will happen, so you can’t be too precious about anything.

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