The Double Lives of Household Items – Uses you Probably Never Thought Of

There are those household items lying around your home that just never seem to get used, have you every looked at them a different way? Many of those items could be used for a task that they weren’t created for. Even everyday items that your family uses all the time can be repurposed around your home.  Everything from newspaper and rubber bands to bundt pans and clear nail polish. If there is a task you are having problems completing, there is most likely already an item in your home that can help you. Below are three articles that highlight some of the ingenious ways to use items around your home in a new way. Your loofha glove can clean veggies (only use a new one), you can use a makeup brush to clean your keyboard, and don’t get us started on rubber bands. Their uses are never ending. Next time you get stuck in the middle of a DIY project, consider what items around your home may be able to help.

12 Household Items That Do Double Duty in the Kitchen & Beyond

There’s nothing in this life that we love more than making one ingredient or one food tool do multiple things. It saves money. Without further ado, here are several ways to save money, waste less food, and make the most out of what’s already inside your cupboards and drawers. Use Spaghetti to Keep Frosted Cakes Looking Pretty Need to protect a prettily frosted cake before it gets served.

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Find new uses for your common household items

Check out what she found.-Newspapers can be used to ripen tomatoes. Wrap them individually and leave them out at room temperature. -You can use coffee filters to diffuse the flash on a camera. Coat the bottom of a shaving-cream can with clear finger nail polish to stop those rings on the ledge of the tub. -Keep those earring pairs together with buttons.

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58 New Smart And Creative Hacks For Household Items

Household items can cause lots of problems and their proper solving and right organization can save you a lot of time and nerves. Household hacks are here to save the day and make things a hole lot easier for your daily routine.We have found and [ ] The post 58 New Smart And Creative Hacks For Household Items appeared first on Homesthetics – Inspiring ideas for your home.

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