The dumpster dining experience makes a West Coast debut

Our Take

Instead of eating out of a dumpster these people are paying good money to eat in a dumpster. The whole dinning experience was put together to bring awareness to the amount of food that Americans throw away every year, well at the same time helping those that don’t get enough food each day. Awareness wasn’t the only benefit of the dinner. A portion of the price that each participant paid was donated to a local charity that helps feed people in the area. In this case an Oakland, CA based organization. While diners were eating at a table set up in an actual, cleaned out dumpster they were not eating food that had been thrown away. While this has become a more popular trend over the years, it was not the point of this dinner. Most of the food, however, was donated from various organizations that work to get rid of extra food instead of having to throw it away. The menu items were chosen based on what organizers were able to get. Most of the items were produce that did not sell well or that farmers had an abundance of. While none of the food came from the trash, they also ensured none of it went it the trash. All of the pieces and parts  from the vegetables were used in some way, including making a pesto out of carrot and beet tops. While many of the participants were already supporters of the cause, the unique evening shed new light on a growing issue.

In an era when adventurous eaters are constantly on the hunt for the newest, coolest and most innovative dining experience — that they can, no doubt, tweet and Instagram — New Yorker Josh Treuhaft came up with the idea to educate diners about food waste via a multicourse, produce-centric meal served in a Dumpster, which has been outfitted as a cozy dining room.

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