The Essentials of Roll Off Rentals

It’s amazing how much junk we manage to accumulate in the short amount of time of living somewhere, let alone after twenty years. If you are moving to a new, smaller home, spending some time learning about roll off rentals will save you innumerable headaches when it comes to discarding all that waste you have no interest in transporting to your new house.

Most people fail to anticipate just how much they will end up throwing away in the course of a move, and find themselves in quite the predicament when they have nowhere to place all their garbage. Avoid this common mistake by getting a few rudimentary facts now.

Whichever private company services your city streets on trash day will most likely offer a private roll off dumpster for rental. These dumpsters are often called containers in the business, so don’t be afraid to drop the savvy lingo when you call up for a quote. It isn’t very smart just to get a price from the mainstay firm, however, as they may rely on their brand name to charge higher rates for rentals.

Go through your local phone book or look online to find other trash disposal businesses that will most likely rent containers to people emptying their homes or undergoing renovations. It is a surprisingly competitive industry, so you should have no problem finding a daily rental rate that satisfies your budget.

Be careful to avoid dumpster rental agencies that operate on the national level. Most multi-state companies only act as middlemen between the customers and the actual nearby firms supplying the container. You will end up paying this unnecessary third party more money than you would directly dealing with your local supplier, so don’t even bother dialing a 1-800 number to arrange pick-up and delivery times.

There is also a huge logistical problem posed by such a business model, which is most national brokerage firms will permit you to rent specific container sizes without first checking that your local supplier actually has any in stock.

Finally, and most importantly, contact city hall to find out if you will need a permit to have a dumpster placed in front of your home for an extended period of time. This will be especially applicable if the container will be placed on the street overnight. Police and city inspectors will readily write you expensive tickets if you are not displaying the appropriate permits on your container.

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