The Process of Renting a Dumpster

Cleaning out your garage, knocking down that old shed, or building an addition is the hard part. Renting a dumpster to haul all the junk away is the easy part. Before you call the dumpster company, figure out your project timeline. You want to make sure the dumpster gets delivered before you need it, but not so far ahead that is it  sitting outside for a week, empty.

Another thing to consider before calling for your dumpster rental, is how much waste you are going to be getting rid of. This will help you determine the size of the dumpster that you need to rent. The friendly customer service agents at the dumpster company can help you with this as well. Once you have your project timeline and you know what size dumpster you need, call the dumpster company to get your quote, arrange a delivery date and provide payment information. It is that simple.

Your dumpster is on its way now, the next step is determining where you want the delivery guy to place it. If you are going to have your dumpster sitting out on the street in front of your house, you may need a permit. This varies city by city, so make sure you do a little research before assuming it is ok. A driveway is the best place to have the dumpster placed, however if your project is taking place on the opposite side of your house you may want the dumpster placed somewhere else. You don’t want to have to make long trips back and forth from your project to the dumpster. A convenient location is key. If this means placing the dumpster on your lawn you might want to put boards down first to prevent any possible damage to your yard.

Now that the dumpster has been brought to your home and placed in the perfect location all you need to do is fill it. That is the easiest part. Depending on how you look at it. Hauling out old year books and sports equipment form you garage certainly isn’t easy work, but the actual filling of the dumpster is. There are some items that should not go into the dumpster. You can check out our FAQ page for more information or call the dumpster rental company and ask them about a specific item.

The project is over or maybe you had more junk then you thought and it is just full. Either way, all you have to do is call the dumpster company and let them know you need a pick up. They will haul off the dumpster and dispose of your debris at a certified dumping facility. It couldn’t be easier. If you need another dumpster to dispose of the reaming junk around your home, let them know and it can be arranged.

Getting motivated to tackle that long overdue project is the hard part, renting the dumpster and removing all that junk and debris from your life is super simple. So stop putting it off and give a call to your local dumpster company.

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