The Six Elements that Make a House “Green”

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You hear about green building more and more every year. Not only in the commercial sector but also in home building. Whether it is simple as water usage or more complicated like using only sustainable and recycled materials in the building, there is a rang to what green building can mean. This especially true for the home builder that can choose to start incorporating green elements into their existing home or build a green home from the ground up. But in the end, do you really know what it means to have a green house? According to Cold Climate Research Center in Alaska there are six elements that make a house green. It starts with the site that the home is built on. Then you need to look at water and energy usage, followed by the air quality in the home. The materials that are used to build the home come next. This includes not only what the materials are, but also, how they are made and how far away they come from. Finally, once the home is built you need to take a look at the future operation and maintenance of the home. Things like water saving fixtures, energy efficient appliances and programmable thermostats all come into play, when living in a green home. If you still have a thirst for more knowledge, keep reading below. You may be inspired to make your home more green.

With a growing focus on energy efficient homes lately, you may have heard the term “green building.” But since it’s used in so many different ways, sometimes it’s hard to tell what it really means. It could mean a building is energy efficient, resource efficient, built from local or sustainably harvested materials or integrated with the landscape. Or, sometimes, it’s just marketing lingo intended to draw your attention to a home.

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