This is How Often Science Says you Should be Cleaning Your Home

Our Take

Everyone has their own personal cleaning schedule based on how clean they need things to be in order to live in their home comfortably. For some, it is every week or even every day, while others are more on the once a month or just when people are coming over schedule. As you can imagine there is actually a schedule you should follow for different areas of your home, based on scientific research. In general the research is based on the bacteria that is measured by scientists.  Some things you may be cleaning too much, like you bed linens. They only need to be changed every one to two weeks. Other things you may not be cleaning enough, like the inside of your microwave. The heat does not clean the inside of the microwave every time you use it, like you may think. You should be cleaning your microwave every week and getting rid of any splatter that happens while reheating. Another item in your kitchen to consider is your refrigerator. Yes, we know it is a pain to clean. But just think about what you are storing in there. If you have a dirty frig, you could be eating dirty food. You should be cleaning your fridge once a month. When was the last time you cleaned your mattress, never? You’re probably aren’t alone. You should be cleaning your mattress every two months. Just think of the dirt and bacteria that is making its way through your sheets and being trapped in your mattress. No one wants to think about the dirty nooks and crannies in their home, but you should. You will live in a healthier home and lead a happier life.

If you’ve been avoiding spring cleaning since, well, before spring, you’re not alone. For most of us, the thought of steaming our carpets or cleaning out the crisper section of the refrigerator makes us want to crawl under the covers. Since we all can use some extra motivation to get our rubber gloves on, we’ve rounded up the leading expert advice about how often you should clean everything and, more important, why. Turns out, your home is harbouring more bacteria than a public garbage bin. Motivated yet? Take a deep breath and read on to see how frequently you should be cleaning your house.

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