Three Things to Remember for Every Home Project

If you’re getting ready for a home improvement project, there are three details it’s easy to forget. You might have the right tools for the job and know exactly what you’re doing, but if you don’t plan out all the details the job can go sour in a hurry. So what are your forgetting? Well, hopefully none of these crucial considerations!

First, will your city’s garbage service be able to handle the waste from your project? Many homeowners try to put all the debris from a project in their garbage can, but this can lead to problems. A lot of construction waste isn’t accepted in normal garbage collection. This is certainly true in Maryland and and may be true in other locales as well.

Fortunately, Maryland dumpster rental is inexpensive and easy to deal with. You can rent a roll off dumpster in a size that’s right for your job. The rental company will advise you on any special permits or procedures for the type of waste you’re dealing with. This will help you make sure you get all of your debris out of there, quickly and easily, without any tickets from the city or overflowing trash cans.

Second, permits. It’s easy to think that as a do-it-yourselfer you have everything under control – and you probably do. But the city needs to have that proven to them, because other people’s safety depends on every job being done right. That means permits aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, and again, there are fines waiting for anyone who ignores the law.

To see if you need a permit for your project, call up your City Planning office and ask. They can not only get you the permit, they can also advice you on how to do everything so that it will pass the final inspection.

Finally, timing. You have a nice long Memorial Day weekend open, what a perfect time to do your project – right? Well sure, but everyone else is thinking the same thing. If you’re planning your project for a holiday weekend, especially in the summer, be sure to go and get your supplies two weeks to a month ahead of time. This will help you avoid long lines, and will often help you catch sales.

Got everything squared away? With the details in order, the rest of the project can go by like a snap – and come together successfully. Good luck!

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