Tips for Properly Closing you Summer Vacation Home

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You have spent your summer weekends relaxing by the lake or in your cabin in the woods. Your summer vacation home is a place where you can kick back, relax and get away from it all. Now summer is coming to an end and you have one last weekend to enjoy the escape. Unfortunately, that means part of the weekend will be dedicated to closing up the home to keep it safe throughout the winter. You should start by doing a general inspection of the property both inside and out. This will allow you to create a checklist of everything that you need to do, so you can start to work through it at your own pace as well as prioritize tasks. Then there is of course the dreaded cleaning. If you tackle it as a family this should take no time at all. You want to make sure you get into the nooks and crannies though, so you don’t get critters looking for crumbs throughout the winter months. This includes cleaning your appliances. Make sure that you have proper security in place for the time you are not at the home as well. This starts with things as simple as a shed with a lock for outdoor furniture and can get as detailed as talking to neighbors about keeping their eyes peeled and installing a security system. When you are finally ready to say goodbye to your summer home for the year, make sure all water lines are drained and appliances are unplugged. You are probably an old pro if you’ve been doing it for years, but if you recently purchased your first summer vacation home make sure you don’t forget any of the steps. Or you may be in for a surprise in the spring.

If you own a cottage or summer home, I’m sure Labor Day is bitter sweet for you. It’s the last long summer weekend, but it can also be a weekend with a lot of work. Yes, for many, this is the time of year when you decide to close the property for the season.

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