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Tools to Make Leaf Clean Up Easier and Affordable

Our Take

Leaves are everywhere except on the trees this time of year. What once was beautiful now just looks like a lot of work. If you are really not up to tackling the work you could hire a pro, however it may make more economical sense to just purchase the right tools that can help you get the job done faster and easier year after year. Hiring a pro could cost you $250-$500 and it often requires a number of sessions as the leaves don’t fall off the trees all at once. Instead, consider following the tips that are outlined in the article below. You may even enjoy leaf cleanup every now and again. Start by cutting your lawn shorter in the fall than you do in the spring and summer. This will make it less likely that the neighborhood leaves will get stuck in your lawn. When you begin to collect the leaves with either a rake or preferably a leaf blower, put the piles onto a large tarp. This allows you to drag the leaves to their final resting place in one large group, instead of making many smaller trips. If your area requires that you use bags to dispose of the leaves, there is another tool to help you. Pick up a leaf chute. It will keep the bag propped open and allow you to easily dump the leaves into the bag. Extra help makes any job easier, don’t forget about your kids when you are cleaning up the yard. If they are young you can make a game out of it. Who doesn’t love jumping in a pile of leaves? Yard clean up doesn’t have to take up half your weekend. Buy the right tools and be efficient, maybe even make it fun.

The problem with hiring a landscaper to do your fall leaf cleanup isn’t necessarily the $250 to $500-plus price tag, it’s that this is not a once-a-season job. In many regions of the country, autumn lasts weeks and weeks, so it takes a handful of cleanups to keep your property neat and tidy. (This is especially true if you have a neighbor who waits until absolutely every branch is bare before he’ll lift a rake, ensuring that his leaves continue to blow onto your lawn until the first frost glues them to the ground.)

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