Top Landscaping Trends in Response to Mother Nature: Survey by Houzz

Our Take

When landscaping your home, there are a number of things you need to consider while planning it  yourself or working with a professional. Obviously you need to put together a design that is ascetically pleasing to you. But then you need to think about what will work with your home, your budget and don’t forget, your climate. Some ideas work better out west where it’s warmer and dryer while others are more suited for the seasons in the east. Instead of fighting Mother Nature with your landscaping ideas, work with her. This is how a number of the current landscaping trends came to pass. The recent develops in stylish outdoor furniture, lighting and entertainment items have helped to make landscaping projects more fun as well. Professionals and home owners from around the country weighed in on a recent survey by Houzz, that complied some of the latest landscaping trends that have developed as a result of nature and increased options. Water is always a top consideration for your landscaping. Some states are finding that they need ways to get rid of the water and have proper drainage, while other states are dealing with issues of drought and how to build a landscape that can survive with little water. One answer to help with drainage problems is installing a rain garden. Outdoor kitchens, fire pits and creative lighting have all been on the rise over recent years as people want to spend more quality time outside. Also on the rise is the use of professionals to help with landscaping projects. As people tackle bigger and better yards, they lean less on DIY and opt for those with the skills, tools and knowledge to get it done right. Before you consider a complete renovation of your landscaping or yard, take a look at some of the trends that might affect you. You may even be inspired.

When it comes to outdoor projects, homeowners aren’t messing around. In a new Houzz landscaping survey, 88% of homeowners involved in an outdoor project say the scope of the work is a substantial or complete renovation. Their projects include things like adding paving and garden beds, building or updating structures, regrading, terracing and re-landscaping.

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