Use A Dumpster Service This Holiday Season

The holidays are around the corner, which means plenty of parties, fundraisers, concerts and…lots and lots of trash. Dumpster companies do particularly well during the holiday season thanks to all of the events that are hosted in the Washington DC region, and more to the point all of the trash created by the events that the municipal garbage services cannot handle.

Within less than a week families and organizations are hit with two huge holidays that generate several bags of gift wrappers, champagne bottles and sparkling paper hats that need to be disposed of on top of all of the routine waste generated during the average week. So what exactly is a person to do?

Many companies have long since realized that if there is ever a time in the year to rent a dumpster it is the holiday season, and some have even started pooling their resources together to rent commercial or industrial dumpsters to help cart away all of the extra rubbish left over from the annual office party and New Years Eve celebrations.

The dumpster rentals Washington DC businesses tend to favor are more modest commercial dumpsters that can be dropped off in the morning and picked up later in the evening to quickly and effectively make all of that extra trash disappear before the building staff go home to spend the rest of the weekend celebrating the Christmas season with their families.

The process is very simple. Many buildings that house several organizations and offices already have plans to have an extra dumpster delivered the day after most of the offices have their annual Christmas parties in order to dispose of the larger than average trash loads. The dumpsters are delivered in the morning and then the staff simply fill them up and wait for it to get picked up in the evening. The whole process generally only costs a couple of hundred dollars, which is a reasonable rate for that many organizations.

On a smaller scale several neighboring businesses can reach out to one another and each pool an extra $50 to contract a dumpster service for their collective use. Depending on the size of the holiday gatherings and fundraisers that is generally a bargain compared to having a staff member transport the rubbish themselves, or worse yet simply piling it on top of the already overfull bins in the back. In the end the businesses pay only slightly more than usual and yet have an easy and efficient way to clean up after the festivities are over.

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