What the Changing Season Means Around your Home

The summer heat has finally left us, the leaves are slowly starting to change color and fall activities have begun. These changes also mean it is time to add some projects to your to do list around the house. Not only do the leaves add tasks to your yard projects, the changing temps require you get your home ready for the weather that is coming this winter. On a nice fall day, carefully climb up on a ladder and get those leaves out of the gutter. When the weather isn’t so great, find all of the drafts around your home that have been letting in cold air and fill them in. You should also test out your heating system before you need to use it, patch up any problems on your roof and get your sprinkler system ready for the coming winter.  It is a joy to own a home, even when you realize that work needs to be done. Just start with a list of everything you need to do and create a timeline that ensures you will not feel overwhelmed. You have all season to check these items off of your list, giving you enough time to do the fun activities the fall season has to offer as well.

5 Essential Fall Home Improvement Projects

Owning a home means constant upkeep and care to ensure your home stays in top shape for your family. Doing small repairs over time can save you a lot of money and headaches by avoiding large repairs in the future. The changing seasons is a great time to do some annual cleanup and maintenance checks around the home. The five projects in the article below are a great place to start.

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Locating Drafts Around your Home

Winter is around the corner and there is a chill in the air. That doesn’t mean there needs to be a chill in your home as well. Windows and doors aren’t the only places around your house that can let in a draft. Before winter officially arrives take some time to check out the common draft areas that are listed in the article below. Not only will it help you save on your energy bill, it will also provide a more comfortable home for you entire family.

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Rain Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance

If you haven’t already cleaned out your rain gutters or put it on your to do list for the weekend you should consider doing so before the snow and freezing temperatures come. Gutters filled with leaves can also fill up with water, then freeze in the cold winter temperatures. This can lead to water damage on your ceilings and in your attic.

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