What you can Really Expect when Buying an 100 Year Old Farm House

So many wonderful things come with buying an old home. Unique details, old craftsmanship, classic design and beautiful features like hardwood floors and built in shelves are just some of the reasons people want to buy old homes. Unfortunately those aren’t the only things you are going to get. When buying an old house you have to take the good with the bad. Before taking on this type of house you need to know what you are getting in to. Expect there to be problems you don’t even know about, until you start another project. Old homes have a lot of character, but if they have never been rennovated they also have a lot of hidden problems. The home buyer below takes you through a lot of surprises you can expect, but also some of the wonderful things you get in an old home.  If you have your heart set on an old home, you just need to be prepared for what it will bring. Dumpster rentals to easily dispose of the old ceilings and walls. Projects to ensure your plumbing and electricity are safe and up to today’s standards. Strange smells from people living in the home for so many years. Having a home you love is important to you daily happiness, just know to balance desires and expectations.

So of course when you buy an old house like this, you’re going to get an inspection. Because you’re smart like that, right? You want to know what you’re getting into. Well, as fun and interesting as those things are, it seems like they never really tell you the full truth. ‘Cause then, honestly, no one would buy houses, ever. The thing is though, as scary as some of these things can sound on paper, none of them have been something that we can’t deal with. So let’s tour the madness!

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