What Your Trash Says About You

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You throw stuff out in your trash every day or you rent a dumpster to spring clean your home, but have you ever stopped to think what all those items in the trash say about you? Could someone figure out the story of your life based on the things you get rid of. One New Yorker started to question the dumpster at their apartment building, when it went from empty to full over the course of a couple of days. An apartment was obviously being cleaned out, and the life of a person was being told with each item in the trash.  Personal items, paintings, photographs, book and awards made this person think about the life of the individual that owned them. Would you start to feel a personal connection if you saw a home being cleaned out? Maybe you would even want to save some of the items so that the individual’s life is remember. All of these are very interesting questions that you have probably not thought about too much before. The trash is just an every day part of your life and the items that are thrown away are just things you no longer need. But, maybe just once, you should consider what you threw out in a day. It may provide deeper insight into your life then you think.

Dear Diary:

It was an ordinary Dumpster. Nothing unusual in the city. This was a low one, about four feet high, so naturally I peered in. It was empty. But by the next day it was starting to fill, and within three days it was stuffed to the rim with the contents of an entire apartment. Not the furniture but all the rest: the things, the mementos, the objects. An old Princess phone, a cracked ceramic vase, a pair of slippers, a bunch of Beatles CDs.

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