When Do You Need a Dumpster?

If you’re planning a home improvement or renovation project, do you need to rent a dumpster? Some people will swear by it, other people will tell you not to – but the real answer is, it depends.

The biggest factor in whether you should get a dumpster or not is volume. Take a look at your garbage can. Ask yourself, will all of the debris from my project fit in there? Will there be any room left for the kitchen garbage at the end of the week?

If the answer to both of those question is “yes” then you’re probably okay. If it’s “no,” then you should consider a dumpster. Some people will try to put their construction debris in garbage bags and stack it next to the normal garbage, but there are problems with this.

There is a limit to how many bags the city will take, especially if those bags are overloaded with heavy waste and ripping. By trying to sneak your construction debris out with the regular garbage you risk not having your garbage picked up at all. Dumpster rental Raleigh is pretty affordable, and it is worth it to go ahead and rent one.

Something else to consider is what kind of waste you will be generating. If it’s just a few old screws or some duct tape, you’re just fine using the city garbage service. But if you are dealing with construction materials – drywall, wood scraps, old carpeting, foam, insulation, windows, shingles, anything like that – then you have moved into a different category of waste material.

Cities often have strict regulations around what they will take and how it needs to be handled, that can be a pain to deal with. For instance, you may have to transport it to the dump yourself, pay an extra fee, or wrap or prepare it in a special way. You can do this yourself, but you may find that the time and cost is a waste compared to just getting a dumpster rental. When you rent a dumpster, the company can advise you on any special preparation needed, and they will take the waste to the dump for you.

At first, renting a dumpster may seem daunting, but it’s just part of doing a large job the right way. Take a few minutes to assess your needs and you will find that the project goes smoother than you could have imagined.

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