When is Clutter Design and When is it Just Clutter

Our Take

For some people, even the smallest bit of clutter is too much in their home. For other people, mainly those that like to collect things, organized clutter is a design choice and a way to display what they have. While the amount of clutter acceptable in a home is a personal choice, there is still a time when clutter goes too far. You need to strike the right balance between bad clutter and good clutter, when decorating your home. If you have a particularly unique collection of objects, they can instantly add interest and whimsy to a space just by organizing them on a table or shelf. When books are the item you like to collect most, there are a number of options for displaying them in an “organized” way. Bookshelves are the obvious choice to keeping books organized while still making them fill a room and add design. You could also create stacks around the room to suit your taste. Some people may think a stack of books on a table just looks like they just don’t have a home. While others see multiple stacks around a table as part of the room design. When you don’t have a specific collection to display, casually placing random items around the room can be a way to design with clutter. As long as items are smartly spaced. If you learn better through images, keep reading below to get an idea of how to properly use clutter around your home. If it still doesn’t make sense, call a designer. That is what they are there for.

Pin it Some people prefer hyper-minimal spaces, where vast expanses of concrete and glass are only interrupted by the occasional vase or black and white photography book. But those of your who prefer to have a few extra things around may be excited to hear about the rise of what I call ‘good clutter’: a look that involves leaving a out (a modicum of) interesting things around your house.

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