When To Use A Standard 20-Yard Dumpster

When most people think about renting a dumpster the image that comes to mind is the iconic open top 20-yard dumpster that is parked in front of foreclosed buildings and home remodeling projects all over the country.  These dumpsters are the standard model used by all sorts of waste removal operations due to the combination of size and ease of use, but they are not always the perfect object for the job.

It is not at all uncommon for people to leap headfirst into renting their dumpster and simply choose the standard size for jobs that are either too small to justify the cost of transporting such a large waste bin, or too large to contain all of the debris in that one container, thus adding the extra cost of renting a second dumpster or having it replaced before the job if finished.

Generally speaking the standard 20-yard roll off container is ideally suited for mid range projects like demolishing the interior of a single family home or transporting the waste from an average landscaping assignment.  They are not ideally suited for containing the waste from smaller jobs like replacing a roof or cleaning up a vacant lot, and they can be slightly inconvenient to park on a public street.

In fact, most municipalities require you to get a permit in order to leave the dumpster on the side of the road during use.  For that reason, if you are looking for dumpster rentals in Wake Forest but don’t need to remove more than about a ton of debris it is probably more effective to order a smaller dumpster of about 10 or 15 cubic yards instead.  Dumpsters of that size are easier to park in a driveway or private alley and cost less money to rent.

Of course, one important factor in saving money on dumpster rentals is making sure to choose the right size dumpster for the job.  If you order a dumpster that is too large you wind up wasting money, but if the dumpster you order cannot contain all of your waste you will ultimately spend even more.

The general rule of thumb is to order the next size up from what you think you need in order to account for unexpected circumstances and avoid expensive charges for going over the weight limit or making the transporter wait while you remove items from the top of the bin.  You will save yourself a lot of trouble and money by making sure to give yourself extra working room when you order your dumpster.

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