Winter Projects for your Home

When it is cold and grey outside it can be very hard to stay motivated inside. The couch is calling your name and you want to catch up on all of your TV shows. However, this is the perfect time of year to get your indoor projects done. Maybe even those that you didn’t realize needed to be completed. This will leave the outdoor items on your to do list for the good weather seasons when you want to be outside. Better yet, it may just free up your summer months to have more fun.

The tweets below all list a range of indoor home projects that you can accomplish over the next couple of months. To do items as simple as cleaning up your walls with some fresh paint where needed and more complicated items like adding chair rail to a room, like your dinning room.

You may be discouraged to take on a project that requires demolition because it would force you out into the cold.  We say don’t let this deter you if the rest of the project will take place indoors. Keep your eye on the weather and wait for a nice day.  You can rent dumpsters the day before you need it, so advanced planning is not necessary. Put the dumpster as close to your house as you can and you will have to spend minimal time in the winter temperatures.

Now get inspired.

10 Winter Indoor Home Projects For 2014

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