You Need an Exit Strategy for your Clutter

Our Take

You take the weekend to clean out your home, or at least a couple of rooms in it. By the following weekend there are already piles of papers, books and unwanted items. How does this transformation happen so quickly? It could be that you just don’t have a good exit strategy for your clutter. Instead of having a place to put things when you don’t want them any more, you just leave them around the house. Consider putting a simple system in place to stop this from happening in the future. First, think about the items that are commonly creating the most clutter in your home. It may be different for everyone so you want to make sure your system is specific to what you are getting rid of. Next, think about what would actually fit into your lifestyle. If you set up a system that doesn’t easily integrate into your home or lifestyle it will break down pretty quickly. The article below outlines a number of ideas for ways to set up a clutter exit strategy in your home. Pick up some pretty canvas bags that can hold old books or find containers that fit in your closet to hold hard to recycle items like batteries. Once you have the physical system in place, you can move on to assigning responsibilities to the members of your household. Do not try to do it all yourself or the clutter may once again get the best of you. Finally, don’t tackle the whole house at once. Start with one clutter problem, find a solution, then move on to the next issue. If you work step by step you will have a no fail system in place in no time and finally a clutter free home that stays clutter free.

It can be so hard to get rid of things. That was my Aunt Agatha’s!”) If you are desperate to clear things out of your house, a good place to start is the stuff everyone can agree needs to go. In our family no one wants to hold on to outgrown clothing, dead batteries, returnable bottles and cans, and books we’ve read but don’t love enough to keep.

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