You Think you Just Cleaned your House, but it is Still Full of Germs

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There are those people that love to clean. It is therapy for them and the feeling of a clean home can’t be beat. For most of us, cleaning is one of those things that you have to do in life, but you don’t look forward to. So when you do clean, you want to make it quick and effective. Unfortunately, you could be spending your time cleaning only to still have a house that is full of germs. Mentioned below are seven common cleaning mistakes that can be avoided to give you the sparkling, clean home that you are working for. Start by looking at your cleaning tools. Sponges can harbor germs and bacteria in their moist environment, better than anything else. So if you keep cleaning with the same sponge, you are just moving germs around your house. Clean your sponges, change them often or consider other cleaning tools like rags that you can throw out. Now let’s move on to some items that don’t get enough attention. You take out your garbage every couple of days, but do you ever scrub out the garbage can. Just think about everything that has been thrown into that bin. What about your cutting board. You clean it, but do you disinfect it? There are so many nooks and crannies in your cutting board that bacteria can get into and you place a wide variety of foods on the board. This combination means germs getting transferred to your food, each and every time you cook. None of us like to think about the things that we cannot see, but when it comes to cleaning, we should. Keep reading for more tips and ideas on how to live a cleaner life around your home.

Strategize the order that you clean a room so you aren’t running back and forth, which can spreading dirt to the places you just cleaned. For instance, if you start by mopping, then wipe off the counter tops, you could be getting food bits right back onto your fresh floor. Cleaning top to bottom, and left to right is a more efficient routine.

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