10 Pet-Friendly DIY Home Projects

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Lets not fool ourselves, you already spoil your pet. You let them on the couch after saying no pets on the furniture, you sneak food at the dinner table after telling your kids not to and you spend more money on them then you spend on yourself. The best toys, the most comfortable beds…your bed. They have it all, so why give them more? Because that is how much you love them. Plus some of the ideas below will help you out as well. For example, why buy an ugly plastic gate to your contain your dog in a certain room, when you can easily build a beautiful wooden gate that blends in with your home’s decor. Or you can build a dog crate that also functions as a side table in your living room. Buying all those toys and treats for your pets also means your house is filled with more stuff. If you can never find your pets leashes and toys or if they just sit in piles unorganized, then check out the wall mounted pet organizer below. When it comes to relaxing there is no need to bother with a pet bed if your pet just occupies your bed every night. Sometimes, unfortunately, getting up on the bed is left to you lifting your fury friend. This is not always ideal, so instead build an easy to use ramp. Your dog can run right up it and assume his/her position. Or if you prefer that your dog enjoys his/her naps outside, build them a dog house that looks like your house. Not only will it impress your dog, it will probably impress your friends too. Start to think about what you can DIY to not only help out your pets, but you as well. You will probably have a lot of fun in the process.

Whether you have had your furry (or feathered) friends for two days or 10 years, we know how easy it is to fall head-over-heels for them. These creatures are part of our families, so why not show them some appreciation? These 10 pet-friendly ideas go beyond simply building a dog house, yet each requires little time and won’t bust your budget.

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