DIY Projects you Can Tackle Labor Day Weekend

As the unofficial end of summer, the three day labor day weekend is often spent on the beach, camping or just enjoying the outdoors before fall comes. If you are staying home labor day weekend then you might want to consider using your time wisely to complete a project around the house. Whether you have…

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Category: DIY
cute dog in a suitcase

20 DIY Pet Projects Every Dog Owner Should Know About

Our Take We are truly in the dog days of summer right now, with temperatures that are often unsafe for your pets. Don’t they deserve a break from the heat with a little treat? We know that your pet is already spoiled, but it can be fun to give them something new. So why not…

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Category: DIY
dumpster inspired homes

Dumpster Inspired Homes, Small Homes That Can be Moved Anywhere

Our Take Professor Dr. Jeff Wilson first made headlines after converting a dumpster into a space that he would live in for a year, at a Texas University. His goal was to live with less stuff and in a smaller space, showing others what is possible. One night, while enjoying his dumpster home, Wilson was…

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Category: Dumpster
Eliminate Trash Odor

Battle Trash Can Odor

When you think about everything that gets thrown in your kitchen’s garbage can, it is no wonder that it smells. Old food that was forgotten in the fridge, leftover fish from last night, maybe even used kitty litter. Truly it is a wonder that is doesn’t smell more. Even if you take your trash out…

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Category: Keeping Your House Clean
for sale sign

10 Things you Should Do Before Listing your Home This Fall

Our Take It’s the end of July and you really don’t want to start thinking about fall yet. You still have summer to enjoy and it feels like it is flying by again. However, if you plan on putting your house on the market this fall, you need to start thinking about it now. You…

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Category: DIY

Get Out and Garden, It’s Good for your Health!

Our Take Those that call themselves gardeners or spend time working on their yards regularly, already know that gardening is good for your health. Whether it is the hard work, time in the sun, or fresh air that makes them feel great, they continue to do it because it relaxes them. One of the obvious…

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Category: Landscaping

Throw the Ultimate 4th of July Bash

Our Take Entertaining for the 4th of July is easy in some respects. You already know what your color theme is going to be, you can find plenty of patriotic entertaining items in stores and there are red and blue foods that are just waiting to be put together. However, it is easy to fall…

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Category: Home Decor
backing dumpster truck into residential driveway

A Dumpster Can Inspire You to Spring Clean and Declutter

The warming weather doesn’t really encourage you to stay indoors to clean and declutter, but then the spring rain starts and you are forced inside. These forced days indoors just scream for you to finally tackle that spring cleaning and decluttering and yet, you sit in front of the TV and enjoy bad movies. This…

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Category: Dumpster Rental Tips
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