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Construction Site Debris Removal Options

If you’re remodeling a room, building a home addition, or converting an attic or garage into a livable space for the first time, you may be surprised by how much debris you end up with. You most likely planned your construction project down to the last detail, but debris removal often doesn’t get included in…

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bathroom fixes

Quick Bathroom Fixes When you Can’t Renovate

Our Take Sometimes your bathroom could use a breath of fresh air, but a renovation may not be in the budget or you may not have the time to tackle any big projects. There are some quick DIY fixes that you can do to revamp your bathroom, that will make you fall in love with…

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santa ornament

Post Holiday Clean Up Plan

Our Take Whether after Thanksgiving or Christmas, one of the less popular items on everyone’s post holiday to do list is cleaning up the house. A great place to start is a room that sees a lot of action over the holiday season, the kitchen. Throw out or freeze all of those leftovers that didn’t…

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raking leaves

Tools to Make Leaf Clean Up Easier and Affordable

Our Take Leaves are everywhere except on the trees this time of year. What once was beautiful now just looks like a lot of work. If you are really not up to tackling the work you could hire a pro, however it may make more economical sense to just purchase the right tools that can…

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dumpster with recycling mural

Showing Community Pride By Painting Dumpsters

Our Take Communities around the country have been turning to local artists to beautify one common eyesore in each city, dumpsters. A necessary part of life, dumpsters get a bad wrap because the trash thrown in them can make a mess, attract wild animals and smell. By turning the old and dirty bins into canvases…

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brick home in the fall

Welcome In Fall with a Weekend Decluttering

Our Take The changing of the seasons is always a great time to welcome in a fresh start. In the spring you clean out all that dust and dirty air that has been sitting in your house all winter long. That should mean in the fall you clean out everything you have accumulated all summer…

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A Properly Ventilated Attic Is Key to Roof Maintenance

Our Take It doesn’t matter the time of year, proper attic ventilation is an important part of your home maintenance.  Your attic should have two different kinds of vents in it. One is the intake vent, which allows cool air to enter the attic. The other is the hot air exhaust vents, which as the…

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summer yard sale

9 Tips for Finding Treasure at End of the Summer Yard Sales

Our Take If your Labor day weekend plans include hitting up all of the end of the summer yard sales in your area, make sure you head to them prepared. After all, you are going so that you can find  treasures, at a good price, that you can turn into new items or resale for…

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dripping green paint

Fixing a Bad Paint Job on the Walls of your Home

Our Take It could be that you were rushing to get done, or maybe it was the first time you painted a wall and it just didn’t go as planned. It might not have been your fault at all. The previous owners weren’t great painters or a spouse doesn’t share your attention to detail. Whatever…

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