11 Ideas to Make Recycling Easier at Home

Our Take

There could be a number of reasons why recycling doesn’t happen as often as it should around your home. You may be confused about what you can and cannot recycle in your county. Or maybe you don’t have a good system set up, so things just get thrown in the trash because it is easier. If you take time to put an easy recycling system in place around your home, chances are you will start to use it. It helps that many counties don’t require you to separate your recyclables anymore either. Your glass, plastic and paper can all go in the same bin and the county sorts it at their facility. This isn’t true everywhere though. Plastics can be a little tricky as well, since there are so many different kinds.  Make sure you check your own county’s recycling guidelines before setting up any system around your house. Once you know how items needs to be sorted you can set up an easy to use system. Find containers that are easy to clean and fit with your home decor. Label them, so everyone knows what goes where and put them in a location that you can easily access. Don’t forget about some of the smaller, less common items as well like batteries and empty pill bottles. These often just end up in piles around the home and ultimately end up in the trash. If you are a creative person or crafter, consider how you can reuse some of the items you throw away. They may just be inspiration waiting to happen. Upcycling can be the ultimate recycling around your home. Do a little research into recycling around your area and by the end of the week you can have a system in place at your home that ensures more items end up in the recycling bin and less in the trash.

Earth Day is here, and not only is this worldwide commemoration a great time to acknowledge and support environmental programs and strategies, but also the perfect day to start or re-commit to earth-friendly practices in your home, office and life. While there are countless things you can do to “go green,” one of the easiest and most effective is to recycle.

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