21 Tips to Get Your Yard Ready for Spring

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It’s only the first day of March, but the weather is already warming up and you may notice that your yard and landscaping are beginning to look a little more lively as well. Before spring is fully upon us, you should take some time to get your yard and landscaping prepped for the new growing season. The effort you put in now can pay off the rest of the year. Your plants will be healthier, grow bigger and stronger and look more beautiful all the way until fall if you show them some love before spring. You will also have to put less time and energy into your yard later in the year. Now we know that 21 tips sounds like a lot and may turn you off. Don’t get overwhelmed. Start by assessing your yard and seeing what matters need to be dealt with first. You don’t have to do all of the work every year. Try different tips, different years and see what works best for you. If you are ready to get started this weekend, start by raking up any debris that may have accumulated in your lawn and landscaping over the winter. Then you can start to care for the growing plants by fertilizing them and pruning back any dead or broken branches. Aerate your lawn and fill in bare spots on your lawn with some new grass seed. This is a great time to start some of the fun projects as well, like planning out what flowers and plants you want to put where. If you get a little stuck, the article below has some great tips to help you with this as well. If they are calling for good weather in your area this weekend, it may be a good idea to get out there and at least start raking. One step towards a more beautiful lawn and landscaping will lead to another.

Sometimes all it takes is a bit of sunshine and warmth to perk up our spirits and bring us outdoors. But as you venture outside, you may notice that the increasingly springlike weather has also perked up your lawn and plants. Not only is the garden budding with new growth, winter has left its mark on your yard with broken branches, bare patches, and a bit of cleanup that needs to take place.

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