7 Brilliant Kitchen Storage Solutions

Our Take

Organization is a key part of your spring cleaning regiment, but sometimes you just don’t have the storage space available to get organized. If you have a small kitchen or just way too many kitchen gadgets, maximizing your storage space is key to having a clean and organized kitchen. When your counters are covered in clutter, your kitchen is never really clean. Start by maximizing you wall space if you don’t have enough cupboards. You can use pegboard on one of your walls to hang pots and pans. Or put up some open shelves if you can take on the challenge of always keeping them organized. Then consider your cupboard doors. They are great to hang measuring utensils on or lids for pots and pans. If too many cookbooks are your problem go through them and copy the recipes you are really going to use. Keep the books that you can’t part with or that have too many recipes to pull out and do something decorative with them. That way you are storing the books and creating a decoration at the same time. Moving to the area under the sink, with all that space you once again need to maximize it. Hang a bar under the sink to hang your cleaning supplies off of. That way you have two layers of storage. If you still have trouble spots around your kitchen after trying these tips, keep reading below for additional ideas. The key to storage and organization is to be creative.

1. Maximize Wall Space Super practical for small spaces, a peg board acts like a kitchen’s command center, putting all your go-to pots and utensils right at your fingertips. We like this one by Alexandra Angle Interior Design. Related: 11 Genius Garage Storage Solutions

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