Cleaning Tips of 2015 Roundup

A good house cleaning is not only good for your house, but it can be therapeutic as well. Don’t you feel more relaxed when you come home to clean house. You feel better about the food you cook when it is done in a clean kitchen. When a guest stops by unexpected you don’t have to run around and throw things in the closet. A clean home makes your life easier and the actual act of cleaning can help clear your mind as well. Take a look through the tips below that we shared throughout 2015, put on some music you love and and make your home cleaner then it has been in years. You won’t regret the time or the effort you put in.

37 Ways to Give your Kitchen a Deep Clean

The cold weather and winter snow have you stuck inside the house anyway, so why not do some deep cleaning to pass the time. It will make you feel productive and give you something better to do then watch a rerun of your favorite TV show for the tenth time. Your kitchen should be one of the cleanest places in your home. You prepare food in it everyday for your family. You wouldn’t want to go to a restaurant with a dirty kitchen, so why have one in your home.

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5 Spring Cleaning Tasks you Don’t Want to Forget

Spring may be welcoming us with snow, but don’t be fooled it is now that time of year when you get winter out of your house. Clear out the dust, dark and damp that winter brought into your home and turn it into a clean bright space full of light and color. We all know how to properly clean the house and we each have our own ideas about what spring cleaning should be. However there are some things that you probably never think about cleaning or remember to do.

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Kitchen Cleaning Hacks

Waking up in the morning and walking into a kitchen that is filled with a funky, unpleasant smell is not a great way to start your day. You want to smell things like coffee brewing and bacon frying to get your senses going. Combat those smells from last nights dinner, food stuck in your microwave and a clogged sink drain with the information presented in the infographic below. The cleaning methods and tools that are suggested are not your run of the mill solutions. They go outside the box and suggest tools that you probably never thought about to clean your kitchen.

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