Considering Concrete Floors? 3 Green-Minded Questions to Ask

Are you considering concrete in your home renovations? It is becoming a more popular part of the home whether on the floor or as counter-tops, this versatile material is getting a lot more use. It is also a more green material then many other option making it a choice for many of those that are looking to reduce their foot-print and have a more eco-friendly home.  However, as with any renovation decision there are always questions you should ask and facts you should get straight before finalizing your design choices. Below are three questions that you should consider asking before deciding that concrete is the material you want in your home.

Concrete floors are becoming increasingly popular due to their versatility and durability. They can even reduce material consumption when an existing slab is utilized. If you are considering concrete floors for inside your home, there are three questions you can ask to make sure the concrete is a healthy.

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