Gearing Up for Your Home Renovation

You’ve taken a week off of work, you’ve made sure the kids have a babysitter, and you’ve even signed an agreement with a dumpster rental Philadelphia agency. This all adds up to a major home renovation in your future that you plan on taking on yourself. Maybe it is time to furnish your uninviting basement that heretofore has been the de facto storage space for your old vinyl records and rusting exercise equipment.

Or perhaps you have finally committed to making the downstairs guest bathroom functional for the first time since you have moved in. No matter the project, you need a plan.

It is perfectly understandable, in this troubling economy, why a growing number of property owners are undertaking projects themselves instead of hiring professionals. Any rehabilitation involving skilled labor will be prohibitively expensive for the average middle class family, and there is no reliable way of finding a business that you can trust to do the job on time and within budget.

How common is the horror story of a simple kitchen redesign turning into an abominable money pit because a contractor keeps moving the goal posts further and further away?

You can do the job alone as long as you prepare accordingly. Taking time away from work is an essential as well as getting the aforementioned dumpster placed in front of your house on the lawn or street. First time renovators are often amazed at how much trash they end up creating when knocking down walls, tearing out toilets and getting rid of old electrical connections.

An unspoken rule in the dumpster rental industry is to always go one unit bigger than the one you originally had pegged for the job, because everyone inevitably ends up needing more room in a container.

Plenty of websites cater to curious do-it-yourselfers who want tips on what tools or techniques to employ in the course of laboring. Use these resources liberally, considering they are free and almost always open to feedback and questions. Sending an email to an expert at no expense beats the hell out of trying to get answers out of the contractor you are paying hundreds of dollars an hour towards.

And most importantly, whether you are working in Philly with a business or all the way down to Orland dumpster rental firms, make sure you acquire the permits for your job and container before starting work. It will spare you the fines and headaches of going without any.

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