Get You Yard Summer Ready with 5 Fresh Fence Ideas

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Fences serve a number of purposes in your yard. A tall fence can provide privacy to your backyard, a low stone wall can provide decoration and add curb appeal, and a white picket fence can provide a boundary between you and your neighbor as well as keep your dog in your yard. Those three examples only scratch the surface of what a fence can do. Before summer is here for good, figure out what type of fence your yard needs.  After the main function of your fence is determined you need to make a number of decisions. For example, the material you are going to make the fence out of, your personal style, do you want to add lighting and of course, will you do it yourself or will you be hiring a pro to do it? If you are feeling a little overwhelmed by the number of choices you have, welcome to the modern world. With inspiration all around us, neighbors pushing new boundaries and DIY instructions everywhere, the possibilities are always endless. Pick one place to start and go from there. First figure out the main function of the fence. Once you have decided that, think about your own personal style and what type of material fits that style. Sometimes budget helps make this decision as well. From there you can think about accents like lighting, adding seating, or other highlights. Still at a loss? Keep reading below. You are bound to be inspired.

Everyone’s heard of the “white picket fence”, but the reality is that that is only one of the possibilities open to those looking to add a little more privacy to their properties. In fact, with all the options available, you may be wondering how best to bring your outdoor design to life. If you need [ ] The post 5 Fresh Fence Ideas for a Summer-Ready Yard appeared first on

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