Landscaping 101 – Tools, Planting and Adding Color

Maybe you bought a new home or you have decided it’s time to weed your landscaping and turn it into the envy of your neighbors, but you aren’t sure where to start. The tools to use, which plants work where and how to add color effectively are all lessons you need to learn in order to have a beautiful and healthy landscape. Correctly plant your trees and shrubs to ensure survival. Don’t put plants that need a lot of sunlight in the shade. There are little tags on all plants when you go to buy them that will provide you will all the information you need to know about sunlight and watering. Make sure you keep each tag so you can reference them later. Composition of your landscape may be the hardest part of all. For this you need to learn from the experts. Each year you will learn new lessons and things will continue to go smoother. Start with 101 and grow from there.

When we bought our first home 13 years ago, we were lured by the idea of having at least half an acre of land. Little did we know that it would involve LOTS and LOTS of yard work. Over the years we’ve learned several tips and tricks to creating beautiful landscaping that will last for [ ] The post Landscaping 101 – Tools, Planting and Adding Color {+ True Temper Giveaway} appeared first on Pretty Handy Girl.

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